New Year, New (Virtual) Reality

If you’re reading this, it means you survived 2021. Congratulations! A lot happened last year and it was not always easy. Between fighting off zombies and being captured as a hostage on a deserted island, you managed to make it through. 

2021 held its own obstacles for all of us, but it was also a great year full of new and exciting beginnings! For starters, Zero Latency opened its first location in the Pacific Northwest and it is right here in Bend, Oregon, which is arguably the best thing that happened to Bend last year. Over the past year, we have killed hundreds of zombies, beat challenging puzzles, and set new high score records. Plus, some of you had some epic headshots! 

As we begin 2022, it is time to think about what goals we want to accomplish in this upcoming year. New Year’s resolutions are a popular trend at the beginning of every new year. Have you made a list yet? If you have not made one, it is not too late, but instead of making the same old boring list, get creative this year with goals you will want to stick with. The best way to do that is choosing ones that are fun and will keep you motivated. If you are looking for new and unique ideas, but are not sure where to start, keep reading. We wanted to help make it easier for you by creating a list of New Year’s goals that you will actually be excited about. 


Instead of signing up for a gym membership like everybody else does in January, book gaming sessions at Zero Latency Bend. Our free-roam arena and adrenaline-rushing games will get your body moving and your heart rate up. When you are immersed in a zombie game, like Undead Arena, your heart will be beating so fast, you are likely to break a sweat! Burning off those lingering holiday calories is more exciting in our arena. Put down the weights and put on our VR gear. 


Sure, you might have an Oculus headset at home, but it is harder to game with friends when you are stuck in your house or have a limited number of virtual reality gear at home. Instead of staying in, bring your friends to Zero Latency Bend! We have enough equipment for you and up to eight of your friends to play at a time in our arena. Have more than eight friends? No problem! We have a bar with local craft beer, hard cider, and PNW wines in our event space as well as a private viewing lounge to keep everyone entertained while they are waiting for their playing time! 


So you want to travel more this year, but let’s be real, restrictions and the unpredictability of COVID-19 make it hard to plan trips to visit a new city or even country. VR gaming at Zero Latency allows you travel to and experience new worlds within the safety of your own town! Travel to space through our game Singularity or take a nice vacation on a remote island through our game Far Cry. We can’t guarantee it will be as relaxing as the beaches in Italy, but we can guarantee you will have a memorable, more exciting time. Not to mention, it will be a heck of a lot less expensive! 


While it does not seem like the coronavirus is going to end anytime soon, you can enjoy virtual reality gaming with us knowing that you are in good hands! Keeping our customers safe and healthy is a top priority of ours. We take special precautions to protect you. 

We sanitize and disinfect all of our VR equipment such as backpacks, headsets, earphones, microphones, and controllers after each use. We also regularly clean areas frequently used by our customers such as our sign-in tablets, bathrooms, tables, and chairs. 

Our bathrooms are also frequently checked to make sure they are stocked well with hand sanitizer, soap, and other cleaning supplies so they are available for customer use. 

Luckily, our free-roam arena allows our players to safely socially distance themselves while playing. Our games are specially designed to give each player the room to move about without getting too close to another player. 


Just because the holidays are over does not mean the giving season has to end! If you are looking to practice being a more generous person this year, consider purchasing a gift card for the gamer in your life. While gift cards are often thought about for birthdays or anniversaries, they are also a great way to surprise someone just because you want to! It does not have to be a special occasion to let someone know they are valued and loved. Practice generosity by giving the ultimate gift of a virtual reality experience. 


If you have not yet tried out virtual reality gaming, do it. It is an exciting and unique experience that you will not regret. VR gaming is also safer and more immersive at a Zero Latency location than it is at home. Our special equipment was programmed to stay perfectly in sync with the motions you make, which helps prevent motion sickness. 

If you have been to Zero Latency, consider trying a new game that you have not played yet. If you typically play our intense, action-driven games, consider trying out something more puzzling, like Engineerium. You might not be shooting zombies, but this game will turn your world upside down! 

And if you like Engineerium, but do not want to immerse yourself in something as intense as zombie slaying, check out our game Sol Raiders, where you will navigate your way to new worlds. 

This year marks the start of something new for you. 2022 can be the beginning of new adventures, new hobbies, and new resolutions. Book your gaming session with us today!

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