VR At A Glance

VR At A Glance

Although some of the first efforts in Virtual Reality date back to the 50’s with the Sensorama, the world of VR has dramatically taken off in the last 10 years, getting more and more intricate, a true escape from reality.

We can now fully immerse ourselves and explore freely, without cables, wires, or anything getting in our way (except for the occasional zombie, robot, or alien). We are proud to say that Zero Latency Virtual Reality is the most current, fully immersive VR experience you can’t get anywhere else. 

But before we talk about the world’s greatest, free-roam virtual reality experience, let’s take a peek at the other types of VR out there.

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 Think computer and video games. This type of VR gives users complete awareness and control of their physical environment while still interacting with a computer-generated one. Although the environment isn’t interacting with you, like in the more immersive versions of VR, users are able to create a character to take on whatever comes their way. This is a good place to start, but what if you’re wanting more? Don’t worry, we’ve got you.


Here’s where things get interesting. Semi-immersive uses a computer screen alone or can incorporate VR glasses. While this still lacks the physical sensations that only enhance the fully immersive VR experience, you’re able to move around in a simulated environment, staying connected to your physical surroundings. Semi-immersive VR is great for virtual tours or other educational endeavors.


Most versions of augmented reality make use or your phone in order to make changes to our actual reality, like in the game Pokémon Go. Point your phone’s camera at the real world and see things you wouldn’t otherwise see.


Sight, sound, AND physical sensation! It’s almost impossible to know the difference between this type of VR and the real world itself. Fully immersive VR is the most realistic simulated experience to date and Zero Latency is just that. Latency describes the delay between action and reaction, making our technology an exact replica of real-time experience and change. We even have an arena the size of a tennis court for your escape. Put on the VR headset, strap into a backpack and pick up the controller. It doesn’t stop there. Once you’re in the arena, you’re free to move and explore as you please – comfortably and naturally, just like you do in the real world. You’re completely untethered. There aren’t any wires or walls to get in the way of your virtual reality adventures and we have tons of adventures to choose from.

You can even bring your friends! We allow up to 8 of you in the arena at a time and a private viewing lounge to watch while you wait. Got a squad who wants to play? Call 541-617-0688 to plan your gathering today.

Speaking of squads, with graduation right around the corner, we’re filling up our books with party reservations. We’ve got around 6,000 ft. of space for all your large or small party needs. The facility can be rented per hour, half-day, or full day. It includes a private meeting area, private viewing lounge, and a bar complete with taps of local craft beer, hard cider, and NW wines. We even have a sound system and catering available upon request.

Check out our Event Packages


A great group time to thoroughly enjoy the experience and work up a sweat.

  • Private arena time 
  • Private viewing lounge access 
  • 30-min or 45-min experience w. Game Master guide and Free Roam VR 
  • Event and selfie pictures 
  • Up to 8 Guests in arena at one time 

*Catering is additional. Menus available.


Great for competitive friends, employee appreciation, or team building. Pit your team against one another and see who comes out on top.

  • Private arena time
  • 30-min or 45-min session experience including Game Master guide and competitive play free-roam VR
  • Private viewing lounge access
  • Award ceremony with prizes
  • Up to 8 Guests in arena at one time

*Catering is additional. Menus are available.


You can book out the entire Zero Latency Bend facility or block out time for private arena play. Whatever works for you. Your Event Coordinator can help you build an event that is just right for your group, including:

  • Minimum 8 people
  • Minimum $640
  • Private arena time
  • 30-min or 45-min sessions of Free Roam VR Arena Play
  • Game Master guides

Choice of:

  • Private viewing lounge
  • Award ceremony
  • Catering
  • Variety of game selections
  • Zero Latency Bend merchandise and prizes
  • Event and selfie pictures
  • Event e-Invitations
  • 10% off next purchase promo code

*3-hour minimum required for facility rental. Call 541-617-0688 to get on the books and celebrate the class of 2022!

Virtual reality has come a long way and it shows no signs of stopping! But don’t worry, we’ll keep up with the trends. Whether you’re looking to escape an afternoon or want to gather your friends and family for some indisputable fun, Zero Latency Bend is your go-to spot in town!

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