VR: The Ultimate Adrenaline Rush

Have you ever played paintball with a bunch of your friends or even taken your airsoft guns out for a competitive tournament? Do you remember the rush of adrenaline you felt while playing? There is something so fun and unique about running around in the woods and shooting your best friends…with paint or airsoft pellets, of course. No matter how old you are, these activities never lose their spark. Even when you know what to expect, your body still experiences the same anticipation and adrenaline rush you had the first time you played. Let’s be honest, nobody really likes the feeling of getting pelted by a paintball, but we do love the buildup of anticipation we feel right before it happens. 

You can experience this same adrenaline rush while playing a virtual reality game at Zero Latency Bend. As you are immersed in the virtual world, you feel all those sensations come back to you as you fight for your life against hungry zombies, like in our game Undead Arena.

Virtual reality combines all the thrill and excitement of gaming while you also get some physical activity and get your heart racing, similar to how you would while playing paintball and airsoft games. Do not feel bad the next time you skip the gym to game at Zero Latency, because you will still break a sweat (so don’t forget to wear comfortable clothing/athletic wear)! 

The first time you play a virtual reality game, you do not expect it to feel like a workout. It may not look or feel like one, but the effects it has on your body will get your heart rate up, just like it would if you were working out.  

Nobody tells you that you will work up a sweat while gaming in the virtual world. The truth is, if you have a VR headset at home, you will not have this same experience, but when you game at Zero Latency, we have an arena the size of a tennis court which allows you to move around and become fully immersed in the gaming world. While you are not physically running or lifting heavy weights during your gaming experience, your body is constantly moving around the arena and as you become more immersed in your virtual reality, your adrenaline starts kicking in.  

VR gaming is a stimulating experience that will get your heartbeat racing in no time. The adrenaline rush your body experiences also releases endorphins and dopamine. So basically, playing VR can also make you happier. How many more excuses do you need to come play? 

It is no secret that virtual reality is changing the world of gaming. It is giving us an extraordinary realm of possibilities.  With Zero Latency’s high-tech motion-sensing equipment, your gaming experience feels more real and less like a fantasy.  This is exactly why your adrenaline can become heightened so quickly. Your body learns to react to the game as if what is happening is occurring in real life. 

It is very hard to beat the adrenaline-racing experience of virtual reality gaming. It combines all of your favorite aspects of gaming and activities like paintball, all while getting a nice workout in! 

If you are looking for a new unique way to get your friends out of the house, especially as it gets too cold to hang outside, bring them to Zero Latency Bend for an unforgettable experience! We also have a great new special going on that will quickly make Zero Latency become your friend group’s new Friday hangout spot.   

Every Friday is dedicated to PVP nights.  From 7 – 10 pm, we will featurour game Sol Raiders and givyou the chance to show everyone what you are made of. During this competitive night of fun, we will be filling the arena with as many players as we can each hour. We will offer FREE prizes and drinks for the winners of each match. We will also have a special Happy Hour deal, offering $2 off beer and wine during PVP nightWill you conquer the competition? Bring your friends, or come solo, and put your skills to the test! 

So long are the days of airsoft gunsHave the same fun without the pain of pellets or paintballs. Grab your Zero Latency equipment, get in the arena, and get ready for a realistic virtual gaming experience.  

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