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Zero Latency is the world’s greatest free-roam virtual reality gaming spot.  Our technology is high-end and insanely immersive.  Through the world of VR, Zero Latency has revived the world of gaming in a new way to get people out of their homes and bring them together.  Our location here in Bend, Oregon opened at the beginning of this year, in 2021, and we are so excited to be the only Zero Latency location in the state of Oregon.

Zero Latency may be new to Bend, but are you new to Zero Latency? Immerse yourself in free-roam virtual reality that you cannot experience anywhere else.  What is so great about Zero Latency VR you may ask? Well, besides the obvious, that is the coolest experience ever…

  • You will have the freedom to explore and move around in a room that is about the size of a tennis court
  • There will not be any hassle trying to deal with cables. All of our technology is wireless!
  • You can play with up to 8 other people
  • Virtual reality brings the excitement and thrill of playing games to life

You bring yourself and we will provide the rest! We have all the gear you need to have the most immersive gaming experience.  When you arrive, we will equip you with a VR headset, backpack, and controller.  And you can rest assured, knowing that we take safety and health seriously.  After each use, all equipment will be wiped clean with a hospital-grade disinfectant and sanitized using medical-grade UVC lights, like what is used to sanitize hospitals.  Our air conditioning is also equipped with HEPA air filters, which creates better air quality.  The gaming arena is also open for better ventilation.  Our games are programmed in a way that allows players in the arena to naturally social distance from each other.  Additionally, players and staff will be required to wear masks. 

For all new members, we are currently offering $5 off every visit, following your first booking with us here in Bend. Don’t be shy…grab a group of your friends and come get ready for some action-packed, unique fun! After you survive the zombie apocalypse, you’ll be dying to play more! Are you ready for VR?

Here at Zero Latency Bend, we are ready for you! And we also desperately need your help…as October approaches, we have a swarm of zombies roaming around in our arena.  Drop your pumpkin spice latte, grab a few of your friends, and come help us fight off these flesh-eating zombies! With our thrilling virtual reality games like Outbreak Origins, Zombie Survival, and Undead Arena, it turns into a zombie apocalypse very quickly around here.  Once you put on your VR headset, strap into the backpack, and grab your controller, you will be transported into the virtual gaming world.  It will not take long for you to forget that you are immersed in a game.  Fighting for your life in order to remain safe from the hungry swarm of zombies is about to become your new reality.

Fight armies of zombies off like your life depends on it in the epic adventure, Outbreak Origins.  In this hair-raising game, a deadly virus has caused chaos amongst society and armies of zombies are beginning to take over cities.  These zombies are ultra-realistic, having been developed from the motion capture of live actors.  They are not just dead men walking…

and you will quickly discover that they are not the only threat to you.  There are also helicopters flying right above your head and are also attacking you and your friends.  Your mission, should you choose to accept it, will be to find a cure for the deadly virus and save the cities, all while keeping you and your team safe.  Just wait for the epic battle finale, which will keep you and your friends gripping onto your guns.  Get ready for the most advanced free-roam multiplayer VR zombie game ever made!

Put your survival skills to the test in our VR game, Zombie Survival.  Work with your group to fight off swarms of ruthless zombies, build defense barriers, and survive long enough until help arrives.  There is nowhere to run in this game.  You are trapped in a fort that you must defend.  It’s just you, your friends, and some hungry, flesh-eating zombies. 

Luckily, you are all equipped with a few destructive weapons: an Assault Rifle, a Pump-action Shotgun, and a Sniper Rifle.  The key to surviving this game? Blowing some serious brains out of those zombies.  Do you and your friends have what it takes to survive the zombie apocalypse?

Ok…so what happens after the zombie apocalypse occurs? Immerse yourself in the post-apocalyptic world in a game within a game.  In VR game Undead Arena, you and your friends are the stars of a new reality game show.  This is probably not the type of reality television show that you expected you would ever be in.

In this retro game show, you can get rich and become a star…or die a horrible death and become an actual zombie.  This is all televised for the world to see, and everyone is watching…but no pressure.  All you need to do is fight your way through this multi-level arena and fight off a crowd of hungry zombies.  If you and your friends win, you will become legends and rise to fame.  If you die, you will become a part of the zombie horde.  Fortunately, you will have a few weapons of choice in this game as well.  Switch between an Assault Rifle, Shotgun, or a Crossbow to kill some zombies in your own style.  After all, you are on candid camera!  This game is perfect for new players’ first time playing in free-roam virtual reality.  First timers will be able to test their skills and gain some serious VR experience.  Are you a seasoned pro? Maybe you have experience killing a zombie or two.  Show off your skills by kicking some zombie butt and landing a high score on the leaderboard.

To celebrate Zombie month…we mean, October, Zero Latency Bend will be hosting Zombie Trilogy Nights! Every Thursday during the month of October, you and your friends, family, or co-workers have an opportunity to play all three of our zombie games woven into one epic storyline.  This storyline will take place over a 90 minute session.  It is brain-eating, teeth-gnashing, guts-blowin’, kind of fun! Bring the people that you would want (and trust) in your army and put your survival skills to the test.  Friends that slay zombies together, stay together…if they survive together.  For only $80, this is an experience you and your friends do not want to miss out on! Plus, what better way to celebrate Halloween and spooky season than hanging out with scary zombies?

“[The zombies] were everywhere and very realistic! There was screaming, grunting, and shrieks galore! We had so much heart thumping fun and it just kept going.  The zombies came from above, below, and appeared right beside you.  When they got too close, I felt fear! I realized           they were all around me once and pulled off my goggles…they disappeared.” – Donell

Maybe zombies are not your thing and that is perfectly ok! Lucky for you, we have other exciting, and equally thrilling, VR games available to play in our arena.  How about you and your friends enjoy a nice, relaxing vacation at Rook Islands?  Clear blue skies, sandy beaches, and not a care in the world.  This sounds like an ideal getaway, and it is, until you and your friends are captured by the evil villain, Vaas, and his army of henchmen.  In our exciting, and latest, virtual reality game, Far Cry VR, you and your group will have to fight for your lives as you attempt to escape Vaas and his army, get off the island and gain back your freedom.

Unfortunately, Vaas and his army get bored really quickly.  Organizing crime and kidnapping people on the island is not always as exciting as they hope it will be.  This causes them to get creative and find new ways to keep themselves entertained.  In this game, they have decided to add a twist to the sport of hunting; however, instead of animals, they are hunting you and your friends. 

Your group must think strategically and quickly to keep yourselves safe.  Teamwork and communication are essential to surviving this game, especially when you find yourself face to face with Vaas and his army.  Immerse yourself in the madness of this brand new free-roam virtual reality adventure.  You are about to discover the true definition of insanity. 

Zero Latency Bend is the only location in Oregon or Washington where you are able to experience this new virtual reality game! Far Cry VR is based on the original, well-known game created by Ubisoft.  This is a game to win back your life and you do not want to wait too long. Don’t miss out on the adventure.  Come experience it for yourself!

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